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Country Stone® Western Sunset
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Country Stone Western Sunset  

  • A blend of red, charcoal and brown
  • Stones are similar in size
  • Easy landscape enhancement
Available Size(s):
  • 0.50 CF
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Country Stone Western Sunset includes flat colored rock in shades of red, pink, brown and charcoal. The stones are similar in size for a more uniform look. It is perfect for an easy garden enhancement.

Associated Areas


How to Apply

Mark off the designated area and remove all unwanted vegetation, yard debris and existing rocks. Rake area until the surface is even and smooth. To prevent weeds, spray area with a weed killer and then apply landscape fabric. Using a shovel, distribute the decorative stone evenly throughout the area. The decorative stone should sit 2" high for best results.

When to Apply

Apply to landscape anytime when snow is not present.

Where to Apply

Use in a garden or landscape.

Coverage Area

0.5 CF BAG = 3 SQ. FT. at 2" Deep

Coverage Area:

4' x 12' (48 sq. FT): 1" Depth = 8 Bags, 2" Depth = 16 Bags, 3" Depth = 24 Bags

4' x 24' (96 sq. FT): 1" Depth = 16 Bags, 2" Depth = 32 Bags, 3" Depth = 48 Bags

6' x 32' (192 sq. FT): 1" Depth = 32 Bags, 2" Depth = 64 Bags, 3" Depth = 96 Bags

611211413063 - 0.5 CF

Pallet UPC: